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Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs and scientific glass relatively new to the water pipe scene, these bongs are the cream of the crop and have truly revolutionized the industry. These pieces are not just water pipes, they're works of art. These innovative gadgets have all the bells and whistles and will have you wondering how you ever managed without one. Sure, the traditional bong works just fine, but these devices bring smoking into the 21st century with a bang. Percolator types vary greatly but they all perform one essential and greatly respected function - delivering the cleanest, smoothest, and coolest hits possible. By filtering your smoke through the perc's many chambers, percolator bongs deliver an incredibly superior draw, completely reducing the harshness of your smoke for a smoking experience that simply cannot be achieved with a basic water pipe.

Scientific glass bongs function like and are inspired by scientific/medical instruments and couldn't be more accurately named, as they literally break smoking down to a science - gravity, filtration, airflow, temperature and the human component, all of these factors are taken into account when constructing these glass masterpieces. Ice pinches, creative diffusers, percolators and even splash guards, all the most advanced features work in perfect harmony to deliver the user a truly pleasurable and luxurious smoking experience. Some things you just have to try to believe! Find your ideal percolator scientific glass water pipe here and change your smoking experience forever.

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