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Bubble Bottoms

Our bubble bottom glass bongs are some real lookers - these casually-designed yet effective water pipes are as functional as they are artfully decorated. We feature all the top brands made of the most popular materials. Bubble bottom bongs are sleek, compact, and perfectly suitable for novice smokers and connoisseurs alike. They're easy to travel with and offer all the same percs as our larger bongs without the extra bulk. These water pipes are known for their signature round bulbous bases which are offered in a variety of diameters, colors and styles and are sure to make for an excellent conversation piece.

However, don't be fooled by their anatomical simplicity, these water pipes pack some seriously cool features and could easily go toe-to-toe in comparison with much larger models. Some of the featured bells and whistles include expertly worked glass mouthpieces, multiple-pronged ice pinches for a smooth, ice cold draw and much more. Many models featured here even include specially fumed glass which offers some very impressive color changing effects. These bubble bottom bongs are as much fun to display as they are to use and are sure to leave a lasting impression. Explore our selection today, the bong of your dreams awaits you!