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Beaker bongs are a popular choice among our carefully selected inventory of glass bongs here at WickiePipes. Our vast selection of borosilicate glass beaker bongs are known for their unique shape and exceptionally thick base. With a greater circumference and lower center of gravity than your average traditionally shaped bong, beakers make for a perfect table-top unit as they have better balance and are more difficult to knock over. Additionally, because of their cone-like shape they‘re also capable of holding a greater volume of water which makes for superior smoke filtration and an even smoother, cooler draw.

Our beakers come in a variety of heights, sizes and tube shapes from straight tubes to curved tubes and even units with specialized flared mouthpieces. All of the water pipes in this selection sport a variety of different integrated, exciting features that customers have come to expect from us here at WickiePipes. Some such features include ice catchers and many different percolators from honeycombs to showerheads and more for a truly superior and pleasurable smoking experience.